pain is a mind mistake

Ancient Greeks said that pain is a mistake of the mind. And Medulla, i.e. bone marrow, is pain, dark pain, a swoon starting from the center where things are created. This is the work presented by Annalù and Tiziana Cera Rosco, within their Project “Macrocosmi”, through an intense and minimal performance centered on the idea of forgiving mistakes, even crucial mistakes, which inevitably soil our whiteness with their indelible black.

This concept is based on the experience that only someone, other than you, can strengthen a bank you have broken, and that the psychic matter needs to flow, to show its darkness, to bend everything and to get stronger thanks to the support of another being. Medulla manifests its spirit of sisterhood even in the dark, as far as the work dynamics. In fact, the performance originates from a work by Annalù Boeretto, “Nerea”: a huge pure white shell, made for Tiziana Cera Rosco, who has then composed its “inner” sound. Both artists are physically involved in the - almost theatrical - performance, and black and white are the main colors dominating the scene.

Photos Silvano Pupella

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